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This novel was created in 2010 for NaNo. I completed the novel five days early. The total word count is 50,052.


Science Fiction


The Guards and Initiates...

They were born into never having a choice with what they would do with their lives. They were regarded as heroes, but always kept far away from the general population. They were media stars and the subject of local gossip throughout the world. Their lives were but a dash of history, sometimes left wiped from all memory by the next cycle. Only the two moons of Praximos ever lasted for generations. The two guards, Ardos and Kurendi.

This is the story of Lenno, a hero in exile.


The screen eventually flickered back to the Cycle Ceremony coverage. Shayron was meeting with guard six. Since she was well-rested, she was efficient and bested the guard pretty quickly. Guard seven was more of a challenge. Lenno watched the moves and realized they were very similar to some of his own. She had trained with him and should have anticipated it. At the last second she failed to notice a bent blade straighten and as she turned to face the guard he had a finishing move ready to her back. He stopped as she had failed. As she left the ceremony, Lenno sighed deeply in despair. He could hear “too bad” from the reporters but it seemed like only a faint mumble. His ears were buzzing and he started to feel sick. He didn’t think she’d be able to make it through a second attempt if she was given the opportunity. He didn’t want her to die.